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The 1st full release of Side Job Track is now officially available. New and existing members will be directed to the new version (aka: uno) via a redesigned homepage.

(If you really loved the previous version (0.9rc) that will remain available -- though unsupported -- at its existing location.)

Dubbed "uno", this release incorporates tons of new features including: official estimates, date formatting, cleaner interface, project notes, easier task tracking, advanced settings, per-project and annual project summaries, an improved launch pad (Jake!), XML data export, and probably the biggest and most exciting improvement ever: totally customizable estimates and invoices!

A few remaining tweaks to the homepage and application should be expected over the next few weeks but you shouldn't experience any disruption in services.

I hope you enjoy the new site!


This looks fantastic. I'm falling in love with it all over again.

# 1 lkoudal 09/19/2005

Awesome redesign. Looking forward to the other new stuff =)

# 2 stechico 09/20/2005

The redesign is great. Where are the templates for customizing invoices?

# 3 artmem 09/22/2005

Goto "Change Settings" then click "Advanced". To the left are links for downloadable versions of the templates and some basic instructions which will be more filled out soon.

I'm really curious how things are going with that feature and what folks invoices look like.

# 4 rmcox, Administrator 09/23/2005

Great site you guys have going. I can see this being very useful. It's probably got a little way to go, but showing so much potential. Congrats to everyone involved!

# 5 eoghan 09/23/2005

Thanks eoghan. Little improvements will always be trickling out, so keep your eyes peeled.

(Also, aside from using the awesome Drunkey Love icons this site was designed and developed by one woman.)

# 6 rmcox, Administrator 09/23/2005

Wow! Just logged in to update my stuff in SJT and I was blown away!

Keep up the good work!

BTW, settings pane - gets eaten/right-margin bug in Firefox 1.5 nightly.

# 7 kevinn 09/24/2005

Just got here, looking for a blinksale alternative. But looks I have found a BaseCamp alternative too!!!

# 8 yeayea69 10/12/2005


Disregard my BaseCamp comment...

# 9 yeayea69 10/12/2005

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