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Tiny updates!

* The State field has been extended to three characters for both your business details and your clients.

* The advanced settings page now has some more detail on the codes that are available for custom estimates and invoices.

* A bug related to incremental invoices when tax is charged has been corrected, let me know if there's anything else wrong with that.

As an aside, I'm really interested in what people think of "uno" -- specifically, the custom estimates and invoices. Does anyone have a custom estimate or invoice they would like to share? If so, please link to 'em in the comments of this thread. (Maybe if enough people post their templates, some sort of shared template system would be in order.)


Nice work Marie. When I get sometime I'm going to hopefully work on integrating the XML export feature with some other products I have like Apple's Pages, and then if it's any good I'll share it with everyone.

# 1 revolvere 09/30/2005

Cool! Send me an email if you have any questions.

# 2 rmcox, Administrator 09/30/2005

I added a couple more things this weekend:

* To services you can now charge by the week, month and year

* On the projects tab, hovering over incomplete service names will show the description for that service

* A link to the blog has been re-added to the projects tab (if it looks weird, refresh to grab the latest style sheets)

* A link to contact me has been re-added to the projects tab

# 3 rmcox, Administrator 10/02/2005

Some of my rtf-templates are broken when I want to print an estimate or invoice. I checked and double checked all the codes in the rtf-document. You've any idea what I do wrong? Or is it a bug?

# 4 epublica 10/03/2005

On the main projects tab there's a link to SJT Admin, use that to send me a link to your templates and I'll take a look.

Without knowing what you mean by broken (won't open, bad layout, corrupt, etc.) I will say that with IE, you might have to save the estimate/invoice locally to your hard drive and then open it to get it to work.

# 5 rmcox, Administrator 10/03/2005

Overall I love the service and have found it extremely useful but I'd love to have more options and flexibility in customising the invoices (ie: html/css email options, option to add my logo to the invoice.)

# 6 weschilders 10/06/2005

I think I've seen an example where someone had successfully embedded an image within a customized rtf template.

You also have the option of creating an HTML template that you can use to create invoices though currently there's no facility for emailing that through Side Job -- you would have to upload it somewhere and link to it. That's a lot of extra steps though...

# 7 rmcox, Administrator 10/06/2005

Is there a way to bill a client before the work is finished? Every business person should know that its risky to do the work first and bill later, especially in design fields. Can there be an option to send an invoice without having a completed date (since the project is just starting and not yet completed).

# 8 fuegodesigns 10/07/2005

You can bill by percents over the life of the project. Over the link to printing an estimate there is text that describes how to do just that.

# 9 rmcox, Administrator 10/07/2005

I do some consulting, and it would be nice to be able to incrementally invoice clients as needed. I know there is a way to charge by percentages, but I have many projects that are indefinitely open, and won't have a Completed date.

# 10 willchatham 10/13/2005

Are they reoccurring projects or are they really just one non-stop project? Or, maybe a better question is: If the project never ends, at what point do you decide to send the invoice? Monthly? Amount?

# 11 rmcox, Administrator 10/13/2005

Well, they are basicly non-stop projects. Having the option to send invoices at any point or monthly would be grand :D

# 12 willchatham 10/13/2005

Ok, I will keep that in mind.

# 13 rmcox, Administrator 10/13/2005

can you use html in the custom email invoice?

# 14 leemarrett 10/18/2005

Yep, there's an html template you can download to get you started. Look in the advanced settings section.

# 15 rmcox, Administrator 10/18/2005

Whoops, I didn't see the email in your question lee: no, there isn't a facility for that currently.

# 16 rmcox, Administrator 10/18/2005

Hey, once again, this is a great service, and I'm finally no longer letting invoices slip through the cracks of my brain!

one suggestion though, is there anywhere that lists the total amount of money owed to you? I know it breaks it down by job, but a nice hefty total would be nice too.

keep up the good work!

# 17 nleblanc 10/19/2005

I'll make a note of that nleblanc, thanks for the suggestion.

# 18 rmcox, Administrator 10/19/2005

Sorry if this isn't the right place for it, but I just signed up and have a suggestion. I'd like to see the date format allow for international date format - YYYY-MM-DD.

Thanks for the consideration.

# 19 zymurdotcom 10/20/2005

Will do Z.

# 20 rmcox, Administrator 10/20/2005

The YYYY-MM-DD date format has been added to the preferences. Along with some other stuff I added.

# 21 rmcox, Administrator 10/21/2005

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