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I had a chance to push out some updates today:

* New Invoice Number Advanced Setting lets you set the invoice number you'd like your invoices to start from. Right now it will be blank by default, so if you want to take advantage of this, edit your advanced settings.

* Invoice Whenever You Need To creating an invoice is no longer limited to either billing by percents or only when the project is completed. Now you have the ability to invoice your never ending projects or reoccurring invoices.

* Edit services and materials in place when you're on a project, clicking the service or material name will make that editable (not via ajax though, sorry).

* Incomplete Services listed above completed services in the project edit view. This might suck more than it helps though, so if you really hate this, let me know.

* Added info on the Client Profile now you can see how much that client owes you as easily as you can see what the client has paid.

* Total of all out-standing invoices is listed on the main projects tab for easy reference.

* New yyyy-mm-dd date format is available through the basic settings.

As always -- and probably particularly in this case since there are so many updates -- please let me know if you notice any problems with the updates. Either in the comments of this thread or by sending me an email.


Wow...ask and ye shall receive!

Thanks so much!

# 1 willchatham 10/24/2005

Yes, thanks very much for adding the new functions.

The new Invoice Whenever You Need is just what I wanted... :)

# 2 domino 10/25/2005

thank you much! i'm ashamed i'm not paying for this! but don't get any ideas! :)

# 3 nleblanc 10/27/2005

This shit is awesome :)

Make it an AJAX-based service and it'd be even more so. Keep it up!

# 4 jbarker 10/30/2005

Thanks for yyyy-mm-dd
This should be universal...

It is confusing in spanish speaking countries which use

instead of american

also, yyyy-mm-dd is more machine readable

# 5 solsano 10/31/2005

You are doing a really great job! Almost all my feature requests are processed within a month! Never ever saw anything like this before. Do you have a PayPal support button?

# 6 epublica 10/31/2005

Epublica, there are a couple of support options I am looking at using for the site because soon I will have to pay for bandwidth and I don't want to out of pocket that expense in addition to paying for hosting, etc.

dd/mm/yyyy is available in the settings but I suppose adding dd-mm-yyyy wouldn't be a big deal and I will look to adding that when I get back in there.

Also on some website who's link I can't find now someone mentioned that they hate the little login pop up window and I want to redesign the homepage and supporting pages anyways so that should change too at some point.

# 7 rmcox, Administrator 10/31/2005

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