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Things they are a' change'n at the old Side Job Track.

A couple of small updates this weekend:

* New date formats dd-mm-yyyy and
* When viewing a client's invoices or projects there's a button to create a new project for that client if none exist
* The calendar doesn't have that unnecessary blue bar at the top any more

And one big update -- the addition that puts these updates into the major updates category: Shared. Custom. Templates!

Now, I'm going to depend upon your feedback to improve this service, but here's how it works for now:

Goto your advanced settings page and click on the Gallery link. There aren't any templates listed because there haven't been any submitted.

So, if you have a template that is:

+ Attractive
+ Generic enough for someone else to use (don't submit a template with your logo, for example)
+ Non-copyrighted
+ Available for public use

Submit it via the form on the gallery page and it might make it into the gallery. I'll review the templates submitted, create a duplicate copy to host on the SJT server and publish those I think work best for the site. You will get credit for your template and the satisfaction of knowing you're improving this site.

If your template doesn't make it to the gallery, fear not, I'll try to contact you with suggestions or comments.



good progress... it's becoming more usefull each day...

# 1 vikingkarwur 11/06/2005

Viking, I bet you could come up with some kick-ass templates. :)

# 2 rmcox, Administrator 11/07/2005

Great service.

# 3 rastus 11/07/2005

Seeing as how there's some confusion surrounding shared templates and customized templates, I added a link on the main projects page in the out-standing invoices section.

If you don't have a customized template, you'll be given a link to find out how to do so, and if you do have a customized template, you'll be given a link on how to share it.

I'm hoping this will serve as an unobtrusive way to promote access to these features.

# 4 rmcox, Administrator 11/11/2005

Great work! I haven't got round to creating a template that integrates Apples's Pages. Any idea if Pages can read XML data? and how I'd go about integrating it?

# 5 revolvere 11/12/2005

I'm thinking it wouldn't work with Pages unless Pages has the ability to export to rich text format or equivalent.

# 6 rmcox, Administrator 11/13/2005

Perhaps there is a way I could use Apple Scripts to create something. It has the ability to export to RTF, I don't really know about much other than web based languages, I'll do some research.

# 7 revolvere 11/14/2005

If you can outout as rtf, then you should be able to use it.

# 8 rmcox, Administrator 11/16/2005

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