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A bunch of assorted updates this weekend. 1) International addressing has been implemented and you can set your address type in your preferences. Adding new countries is available on a per-request basis and adding new addressing types is fairly easy, so long as the format isn't too wild. 2) As a result of the new address formatting, certain fields (State, City) are no longer required and one new field (County / Province) has been added. 3) It's now easier to edit default services and materials when working within a project. Just look for the EDIT link when adding the service or material and you can jump to the default value. 4) Service quantities are no longer restricted to whole numbers. So, you can charge by the half hour (0.5, etc.).

Finally, the Side Blog has been created to discuss all things Side Job. If the layout looks wonky, refresh the page and grab the updated style sheet.

If you notice anything odd with these updates, please leave a note in the comments of this thread.


6) You set set a cookie at the time of login now, too.

# 1 rmcox, Administrator 07/02/2005

excellent and beautiful application, thank you.

I'm based in Sri Lanka and we have no Zip Codes, so I have to enter 00000 for every address. I know a few other countries don't use Zip and I'd personally prefer if that was an optional field.

# 2 indica 07/03/2005

Ok, Zip / Postal Code is no longer required.

# 3 rmcox, Administrator 07/03/2005

hey, this is great, and far less confusing than quicken, although my tracking capabilities are lax at best.....

one thing i think you may have missed from the process though, being official estimates for the client. In that once you have received a job request, you can enter it into sidejobtrack and issue the client an estimate. upon the clients accepting the conditions of the estimate, you could turn the estimate into an invoice.....


# 4 nleblanc 07/05/2005

Something needs to be done about invoicing -- it needs an additional layer of flexibility that would allow for the extraction of the information in less rigid terms than currently available.

Good comment though, I'll keep that in mind.

# 5 rmcox, Administrator 07/05/2005

LOVE this so far! I entirely agree with nleblanc above.

Another thing, how about implementing some kind of partial invoicing/deposit for work/monthly billable feature? I require a deposit from new clients before taking business on.

Thoughts or am I missing something?

# 6 jeffclark 07/05/2005

There's a new thread on invoicing, if you have any more suggestions, please add them.

# 7 rmcox, Administrator 07/06/2005

Really wonderful so far. Thank you.

# 8 mcquade 07/15/2005

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