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The updates I've been working on since the beginning of December are finally available for all to enjoy. These updates include a lot of what I consider baby steps that may be incorporated and extended into future updates but are available now to ensure the fundamental code works as planned.

Here's what's new:

- Project Discount. Now you can discount the cost of an entire project instead of lowering the cost of each service manually.

- Invoice increments by percent and/or amount. Now you can specify either a specific dollar amount for an invoice increment OR set the percent. There may be an issue with remainders on certain percents so the amount will override the percent if both an amount and percent are listed. Pay close attention when editing existing incremental invoices!

- Convert out-standing invoices to incremental invoices. If you send an invoice for the full project total and only receive partial payment, you can now convert the invoice into an incremental invoice when editing the original invoice.

- Service completed date. Now you can check off performed services and/or set a performed date. This really doesn't "do" anything now, but will probably used for something else later.

- Template logic. I added a couple new logic-specific codes for invoice templates. Hopefully I'll add more but for now just a couple have been added to see how it works out in the real world.

- New template codes. Various codes have been added for more detail over what's being billed. The old codes should still work if you have a custom template, but you might want to check out the new template logic and codes if you're interested in future customization possibilities.

- Download clients in XML. If you want to download client-only information you can do so on the clients tab. Look at the bottom of your list of clients for the link. If you need to download your SJT project data, that export remains available on your business details page.

- Client names on projects tab. Just below a project's notes on the main projects tab you will be able to see that project's clients.

- Tighter nuts and bolts: I. Going through and bug testing I came across a couple of interesting bugs. One being that for recurring invoices, if you didn't print or email the invoice, the actual invoice amount wouldn't get set. So, now when you create a recurring invoice, the invoice amount gets set to the project total at that time. If the bug already effected you -- and my guess is that about 80 invoices are vulnerable -- then you will be alerted where the invoice total is displayed and you will get an option to set the total to the amount shown and correct the issue.

- Tighter nuts and bolts: II. A project's tax rate is now locked after you invoice the project. If you want to change the tax for a project, you will have to start a new one. A project's discount will lock once the project completed date is set but if you have recurring invoices for a project, you will be able to set the discount per individual invoice.

Ok, as always please pay extra special attention to your invoices and projects and let me know if there are any problems.


Awesome job with this! I am continually impressed with the quality of work you put out!

# 1 tapdesign 01/12/2006

I completely agree with Tapdesign. Amazing work that just continues to impress!

Thanks again!

# 2 bradleyd 01/17/2006

Thanks RM. This thing is just getting better and better.

# 3 stechico 01/19/2006

Agreed! Bravo!

# 4 jamesrice 01/19/2006

Kudos from me too!
Love the addtions :)
Thanks more than you know.

# 5 zenfulcreations 01/21/2006

Thanks! Awesome stuff. Keep up the great work :D

# 6 gahall 01/23/2006

this site is just great.
i was searching a long time for something like this.

# 7 suedsuedobst 02/06/2006

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