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Tiny updates! I finally had a chance to go through and make a few updates to Side Job this weekend and made some small yet useful modifications. Nothing ground breaking but there are probably a few additions you'll enjoy:

* Service Completed Date now shows up on the services list as well as on the link hover.

* New Invoice Due After Setting allows you to set a default number of days an invoice is due. So, for example, if your invoices are always due 30 days after you create the initial invoice, this setting will set that date automatically when the invoice is initially created. Of course, you can still edit this date if you need.

* Bigger Textareas for client comments, project service descriptions and project material descriptions make it easier to give more detailed information for each.

* Bar Graphs on Reports tab for Client report. Now it's even easier to tell who your most profitable client is based on a percent of the invoices you've received for the report year. The graphs themselves were created using the awesome CSS Bar Graphs developed by Apples to Oranges.

* X/HTML is now allowed in textareas. If you have files on a webserver, you can now link to those documents using the standard anchor tag. This is especially handy for project notes or service descriptions. Any mark-up you add, however, will be removed before you create an invoice regardless of type (rtf, txt, htm).

There are some more features I do plan on adding in the future; so, if you've requested something that wasn't added in this round of mini-updates don't despair, there are more things I have plans to add. If you have any comments or questions about the additions, please let me know.


* I'd need to set the price, then set the costs. The benefits should be the numeric operation of this two concepts. Now I only can put de costs, put the benefits and then set the price... well, the real economy works different most of times. And Ikea too.

* I have some contracts for maintenance, that generates an-every-month invoice. The contract is for six month, in example, and during that 6 months I have an invoice each month. The contract is 6 months X 100 $ (in example). But the 6 invoices are for 100$ each one (january, february,... June). Now I can't find the way to do this in your system. It only recognices a project with a duration of 6 monts and a 600$ value, and I need a Project, 600$ value, of 6 months of duration, and a 100$ invoice every month during 6 months. Then, the project is over.

Please, let me now if It's possible to add this features, because in my country the small business works in this way a lot of times... and I love your tool, but sometimes is frustating (or I don't find how) to do this two things...

Congratulations for this great tool...

# 1 syameses 03/12/2006

What you want to do syameses is to create a project with a total cost of $600 that does not have a completed date. Then, create invoice increments for each installment of $100 each month.

Your comment reminds me that I really need to get a forum set up... : )

# 2 rmcox, Administrator 03/13/2006

Nice work. The bar graphs are great but I'd like to give you some feedback on them.

I'd left align the numbers so that you could easily scan down the list and look in the same area for the exact percentage.
And, you may have tried this already, but I'm wondering if it would be easier to read with a darker shade of red for the numbers to provide more contrast.

Thanks for Side Job Track!

# 3 saturnflyer 03/13/2006

saturnflyer, how does it look now? (You may need to refresh the page to get the new styles to load.)

# 4 rmcox, Administrator 03/15/2006

Looks great. It's easier to read in my opinion. Thanks for taking my suggestion into account.

# 5 saturnflyer 03/15/2006

Great features, I like the graphs. I would enjoy the ability to set a specific discount value rather than have to use percentages though, if that would be possible.

# 6 brmonse 03/15/2006

Expenses, expenses, expenses!

Project expenses, business expenses ... expenses!

This is a great piece of software, flawless in all but it's ability to allow me to balance my books.

Nice round of updates this time.

# 7 jordanharper 03/15/2006

Damn! I forgot, it'd also be nice if all paid invoices (not just ones for completed projects) were included in reports -- so ongoing project receipts can be counted in yearly figures.

# 8 jordanharper 03/15/2006

jordanharper, invoices marked as received already show up in the reports regardless of project status, perhaps you need to check the year you are running your reports on...?

Use the email link at the top right of this page to contact me if you have additional questions.

# 9 rmcox, Administrator 03/15/2006

Good deal, and thanks =)

# 10 crypticquill 03/20/2006

I had a thought when send out some hosting/domain renewal invoices.... since it is nearly impossible to keep track of all the domain expirations and annual hosting charges (or any annual fees), it would be great to have a little calendar based tool that you could have remind you of things like these.

ie. When you are logged in there could be just a little monthly calendar off to the right hand side that would have marked dates where annual fees occur or events (expirations) take place?

Just a thought, this thing is so damn sweet already that I can't complain.

Thanks for your continued hard work RM -- your brilliant!

# 11 bradleyd 03/24/2006

bradleyd, I'm working on something to pull various dates into a view that gives you an idea what's going on and when. Once that's off and running, your suggestion might be a good fit for that.

Oh, and thanks for the kind words!

# 12 rmcox, Administrator 03/25/2006


1) How about if my friends have account in SJT and willing to sub-contract the project to me ? Then in STJ control panel I can communicate with my friends, and setup (OR transfer project handle) cost between developer...

2) How about DOC template (I create footer / header) ?


# 13 vikingkarwur 03/26/2006

Viking, I've seen a request for #1 a few other times, that's something I'll keep in mind.

Thanks for the feedback!

# 14 rmcox, Administrator 03/28/2006

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