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Updates! Invoicing gets some much needed attention in this round of updates including:

* Invoice Number is now editable when not using the default invoice numbers. This way if you want to enter in historical invoice numbers you can now do so when you edit an invoice.

* Invoice Number is more visible. On the Projects tab, the Reports tab and when editing a project in the invoice section you can now see an invoice's number easily.

* Invoice Increment amounts are more visible. On the Projects tab if you're billing that project in increments the total for the increment that's due will show below the project total cost. Also, on the out-standing invoices summary on the Projects tab the increment that's due is shown along with the project total cost.

Along with the invoicing updates, I finally got around to something I've wanted to add for a long time -- something I hope to grow in the future but wanted to get released now: A Simple Schedule.

Simple Schedule

Located under the new Schedule tab, the Schedule is essentially a time line that shows all the major dates you've already entered into your Side Job account in a detailed weekly view and a monthly view where that month's events are highlighted.

As always if you have any problems or questions about the updates, please send me an email using the contact the Side Job Track Administrator link located on the help page when logged in to your account.


Beautiful :)

# 1 jamesrice 03/27/2006

hm, veeery nice! thx a lot :-))

# 2 simnet 03/28/2006

This is an awesome step in the right direction. Hopefully you can add tasks soon... so I can keep track of my hours right in the calendar

# 3 tapdesign 03/28/2006

awesome. i was just saying that if i could merge sjt and basecamp i would be in heaven. any little step in this direction is wonderful.

another feature request, just a little one. how about next to the calendar link (for entering dates like task performed, etc) a "today" button. that way the user doesn't have to open the little calendar and click again to enter today's date. i would bet that a majority of the time one is entering today's date anyway. i know it's trur for me.

thanks for this excellent app! i recently got laid off so i've gone back to freelancing, and it's been invaluable.

# 4 massive 03/28/2006

Massive, if you look to the right of the calendar icon on services, projects, etc, you'll see mm/dd/yyyy (or whatever your date format setting is) and if you click that, it'll put today's date in that field.

It's been that way since day one. : )

# 5 rmcox, Administrator 03/28/2006

Well done! Thank you.

# 6 saturnflyer 03/28/2006

i love it. just great.

# 7 suedsuedobst 03/29/2006

Just keeps getting better. Hopefully one day I'll advance my work ethic enough to use some of these features, but it's definitely nice to know they exists!

# 8 nleblanc 03/29/2006

one acronym: API

# 9 vinterstille 03/30/2006

This is great stuff. Nice work.

# 10 mheerema 03/30/2006

I reallly like the new schedule feature. One feature request would be a mini version of the weekly schedule on the projects tab, maybe just above/below Out-Standing Invoices. This would make the 1st tab a little bit like a dashboard which I would find very useful.

# 11 arench 03/30/2006

Very good feature! Just happened to look up and saw the new tab. I love new stuff. It makes my day!

# 12 jgerd42 03/31/2006

another great feature!

you guys honestly rock and have helped my business so much!! thanks a million

# 13 blackspade 04/04/2006

awesome, awesome. I love SJT, itīs almost perfect (although i donīt know what is missing to make it perfect...)

# 14 luckyboy 04/10/2006

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