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Some quick notes on recently loaded updates:

* Boatloads of Style Updates -- Be sure to refresh your browser.

* Updated Help Page -- The help page now has the support email form on the right side of the page for easier access.

* Print Invoice Line Breaks -- When you create a print invoice, now how you've entered your service/material description will be reflected exactly as you've typed it, including line breaks. (Thanks Mike!)

* Percent Invoiced Graph -- When you bill by percent, now you can see a bar graph that represents how much you've billed for that particular project. (Thanks Ben!)

* Export Bug Fixed -- There was a bug with the data export where the invoice's total wasn't showing up, this is now fixed. It is recommended that you export and save your data at this time.

* New Logo -- Dropped the "uno" from the logo. Be sure to refresh your browser if you don't see it.

* Service Due Date -- You can now set a due date per service. The amount of time until the service is due will show up on the projects tab and in the schedule, the due date or completed date will show up and include a link to the service.

* Service Completed Checkbox -- Will now automatically set the completed date to today's date if no date is present. Also, when you uncheck the completed box, it will unset the completed date.

* More Detailed Reports -- Now, your reports break down and subtotal by month. Also included in reports are any invoice increments to give you a more accurate idea of the amount of money you've invoiced and received. If you want to double check the new reports page against the old, a link to the old reports page is available under the reports tab.

Finally, if you notice anything odd about the new reports page, or any of the other updates mentioned, please use the administrator contact form on the help page to provide a detailed explanation on the errors you are encountering.


Great stuff as always! Thanks!

# 1 mheerema 04/29/2006

Cool... Success for all...

# 2 vikingkarwur 04/30/2006

SideJobTrack keeps getting better and better all the time. Love the more detailed reports. Thank you for all your hard work, and for always responding to user suggestions and comments. Great stuff!

# 3 masuga 05/01/2006

Great Stuff!!

# 4 vinterstille 05/01/2006

Super-sexy again Ms. Cox! Thanks for the hard work!

# 5 bradleyd 05/04/2006

love the changes!

# 6 jamesrice 05/08/2006

I love Service Due Date. :)

# 7 nemanja 05/10/2006

Site looks badly in Mozilla Firefox. Also, there're unicode glitches: in some places I can't enter Russian names: they're truncated or garbled.

# 8 mediodormido 05/13/2006

the site looks just fine in Firefox.. thanks for all the work! it's a great tool.

# 9 davidmay 05/13/2006

The site looks fine to me in Firefox, I'm using but perhaps you are using another version? If you'd like, mediodormido, you can send me screen shots of what problems you are experiencing along with more information about your browser version and OS.

My email is available on the about page. Goes for your unicode issues, too.

# 10 rmcox, Administrator 05/13/2006

i can see this thing going places!

thanks ms. cox! loving it!

# 11 mozami 05/13/2006

I REALLY appreciate all your hard work and effort put into this site.

You have saved me a lot of hassle and paperwork.

# 12 05/17/2006

Awesome site, I love it. Keep up the great work. Thanks!!

# 13 jmaonline 05/18/2006

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