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An invoicing update was pushed out today and now billing open projects in multiple increments where the cost of the project increases over its lifespan is easier. Lets say you have a project that you've invoiced and received full payment but later the project has some additional cost. Now, instead of only being able to create a new invoice for the entire project total you also have the option of invoicing for only the additional cost.

Basically the update is an easy way to convert your existing invoice into an incremental invoice -- where your client's previous payments are noted -- without having to convert your invoice manually.

I tested it with as many scenarios as I possibly could but keep track of your invoices when using this new option to ensure the totals are calculated correctly and report any inconsistencies as soon as possible.

Another minor update relates to the Side Job Track homepage as it received a slight change to the header.

If you have questions or comments about the invoicing or homepage updates, please feel free to comment about those in this thread. As always, you can use the contact form on the help page to contact me directly.


Wonderful news SJT goes from strength to strength. Thanks for listening and pushing SJT further.

This would fit ideally with the alternative way of displaying the totals I wrote to you about recently:

* In-process project overview: a settings option to "show totals as:" with options:
"overall project total", or
"total not yet billed" (outstanding), or
"total billed" (the way it is now).
possibly with the billing history in small beneath it.

* Project page: in addition to the total project value also show the not yet billed value, for instance beneath the overall total in small letters.

In essence they are only display adjustments but make it easier to see at a glance what the status of projects is.

# 1 julian 06/06/2006

For you, Julian, and others who have sent in requests that I haven't implemented yet, don't fear, I have record of your requests and do review them as I update SJT.

One thing to note is that sometimes in the process of working on a request it becomes apparent that it might not be as feasible in practice as it is in theory. Communicating why certain features are not implemented is something I plan on doing a better job at in the future.

Another issue is that sometimes certain requests all sort of fit together, so I might put off implementing something until I have time to work on the group of requests rather than each in isolation.

So, yes, more updates are on the way, possibly including what you've mentioned, but it's a matter of making time and, when time is made, that the feature works and works well when implemented.

Thanks for the feedback, though, I really appreciate it!

# 2 rmcox, Administrator 06/06/2006

Thanks alot for all the work once again!

Small question.. is it possible for me to view the invoice details of a client after it has been paid and closed?

I ask because I cannot remember what I charged for a hourly rate on that client.

Am I doing something wrong?


# 3 bradleyd 06/06/2006

Bradleyd, you should be able to get to that information by viewing the associated project details. If that isn't what you're referring to, or if you already tried that, send me an email via the support form on the help page.

# 4 rmcox, Administrator 06/07/2006

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