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Expect Side Job Track updates while I tinker with Pro Job Track this summer. If you're interested in the site, add your email to the notification list via the form provided on the PJT homepage.


I am really keen to see this. Good luck, and I hope we can afford it.

# 1 adesignrsa 06/11/2006

Great I'm glad to see you're still working on sjt. Will the free version be upgradable to the pro version?

# 2 wayne12 06/12/2006

Yep, all your clients, projects, invoices -- everything will carry back and forth between the two services.

# 3 rmcox, Administrator 06/12/2006

I hope I can afford it. :) I really like sjt, I will for sure check out pro version, but free fits me fine for now, hope that my bisiness will need pro version ;)

# 4 nemanja 06/13/2006

I've gotta say, it's sites like this which restore my faith in the web. Great job with SJT!

# 5 marost 06/14/2006


After testing several invoicing apps we decided to go with sjt. Just then did we discovered that it is for free.

Trying to change the print invoice template to match our printed invoice paper gave some issues though. The Euro sign gets changed to a capital A with dot's on it. Any change to the standard template triggers this error. Please help, I can't use sjt with the standard template...

# 6 marcial 06/15/2006

Hey Marcial, international support is something I hope to improve upon on over the summer. I replied to your support email and will be looking at this soon.

# 7 rmcox, Administrator 06/15/2006

Fantastic! My group is very much looking forward to it.

# 8 lucky14 06/15/2006

I can't wait for this. I use SJT to track all running projects, and one of the key features that I would love to have is to give my clients the ability to check both my progress (upload of files) but especially a way for them to see how much their bill is running up.

Any ideas for the price for this and if there will be freebees for beta testers? :-) *Raises his hand and waves*

# 9 lkoudal 06/16/2006

Sounds great but what are the chances of including an API?

# 10 stuart.hilditch 06/17/2006

choice, SJT rocks teh casbah!!!

# 11 blackspade 06/18/2006

Not sure what your plans are here, but will there be a way to add milestones/to-do's to the projects? And then an overview (week/month) with needed milestones? Perhaps even a booking-calendar? I work as a freelancer for many different companies, and I would like to keep track of my different bookings. So far I just use SJT to track my hours on the different projects, and then my outlook exchange to keep track of to-do's and such, but a combination would be brilliant!!

# 12 lkoudal 06/20/2006

Hi MARCIAL, i had the same problem. I had to change the charset of the HTML template to display the EURO sign.
I don't know about you, but I always use the HTML template to render the invoice in my browser, then I make a PDF of it to send to my clients and to save on my computer.

# 13 thehotseat 06/21/2006

I am a fan already and hopefully can grow my business to benefit from the pro version.

Good luck


# 14 felixclarke 06/21/2006

I too am looking forward to PJT. Great product with SJT already! keep it up!

# 15 riceguitar 06/28/2006

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