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A bunch of little updates as I work towards billing by percents (yes, it's coming):

1) Blog posts have moved up top. I think it's less intrusive at the far top, but let me know.

2) When invoices are listed, only the last invoice note shows instead of every single note.

3) When a long string is displayed through a drop-down it's now truncated and a '...' is added after 22 characters.

4) If you don't have any materials nothing material-related will show on your invoice (email or print).

5) Project Due Date has been added as an optional field. If you choose to set a due date, the remaining time is noted by the project title. So, it'll say something like '2.2 Months' or '3.1 Weeks' then it'll go to days. If you go over, it'll tell you how many days past due you are.

If you notice any problems or form a mutiny to get any particular update undone, drop a note in the comments. Just please don't ask about billing by percent. I know, I know.


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