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At long freak'n last: Invoicing. By. Percents! I tested it as much as I could stand and now that I'm cross-eyed, it's y'alls turn to double check everything for your respective perspectives.

I tried to make it as straightforward as possible without breaking the existing functionality. So, if you don't need to charge by percents, don't, and continue to invoice at the end of the project like normal.

For those who will need to invoice incrementally, notice the additional text at the bottom of both print and email invoices. There is room for improvement in terms of layout but that could be said before I added incremental invoicing.

So, please let me know if anyone spots anything fishy, wanky or otherwise peculiar in as specific terms as possible in the comments of this thread; or, feel free to use the email form and contact me that way.


Oh, I also added invoice due date for the main invoice if you don't use the increments. It'll turn on a highlight for overdue invoices on the main page, for now; though, it might be put to more use at a later date.

# 1 rmcox, Administrator 07/23/2005

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