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The schedule tab got a couple additions this weekend. Now in addition to the weekly view, there are also monthly and yearly views. Each of the views has distinct characteristics: The monthly view has brief summaries of daily events that can be expanded to view the full details of each day; the yearly view gives you an overview of your projects without any detail in terms of services and tasks. The yearly view gives you a quick look at how long your projects are running, based of their begin and end dates.

Today's date is more obvious than ever:

Schedule Screenshot

Switch between views quickly:

Schedule Screenshot

Expand days in the monthly view to get detailed information:

Schedule Screenshot

This is the beginning of the new features and updates for SJT. Hope you like 'em!


Keeps getting better and better. Well done and thanks for all the hard work.

# 1 davidmay 12/04/2006

Wow. Looks great! I second the thanks for all the hard work. It makes it a pleasure to use SJT.

# 2 joeytrimmer 12/05/2006

I truly love SJT! Thank you for your hard work.

# 3 shanna 12/05/2006

Awesome update. Thanks very much.

A possible bug though: in year-view in the schedule tab, it only displays colored bars for my first 13 projects. The rest don't have a color and aren't display on the calendar.

# 4 domino 12/06/2006

Hmmm, the dates used are begin and end dates. So did all the projects start in the year you were looking at?

# 5 rmcox, Administrator 12/06/2006

Yes, they all have start and end dates in the same year, 2006.

Also checked my 2005 projects and the same thing appears to be happening.

# 6 domino 12/06/2006

Send an email via the support form and I'll follow-up from there. I think I know what's going on but need to confirm. Thanks for the feedback!

# 7 rmcox, Administrator 12/06/2006

Just for a follow-up, the colors bug should be fixed now. Also, hovering over the color bars will reveal that project's name, clicking it will take you to that particular project.

# 8 rmcox, Administrator 12/07/2006

Thank you for making SJT a great service!

# 9 imagineiff 12/11/2006

SJT is great! Love the UI! Simple and easy to use :) Keep up the good work.

# 10 fewsah 12/20/2006

SJT is the best!! Love the UI and features! Simple yet powerful :) Keep up the great work!

# 11 fewsah 12/20/2006

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