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I've had a series of great ideas for this site over the past two weeks and now that Side Job Track has over 1,000 user accounts created, I'm more excited than ever about improving this sucker. So... What would you like to see in Side Job Track?

Better looking invoices?
More detailed project management?
Cleaner interface?
Official estimates?

I don't want to give too much away but I'm guessing that you all have had similar ideas so lemme hear 'em!


Official estimates would be great; I only have one tiny request otherwise - the ability to set the format of the date to something other than US format (i.e. I'd prefer the option to select the British dd/mm/yyyy format.)

# 1 mark_mclaughlin 08/02/2005

Yeah, someone else has requested that before, too. Will look into.

# 2 rmcox, Administrator 08/02/2005

I would like to be able to delete services and materials off of an invoice. I have added things accidentally and had to restart from the begining.

This kind of control is usefull in the begining when you are still learning the app as well.

# 3 drusellers 08/02/2005

You can delete services/materials by editing the service/material. The delete button is located next to the update button. Once they are deleted from the project, they will no longer show on the invoice.

# 4 rmcox, Administrator 08/02/2005

I happen to have two clients with the same contact. One is the company for his full-time job, the other is his company for a side-business. Since it only lists the contact's name in the dropdown to select a client, I can never tell which one is the right one.

# 5 winninghamw 08/02/2005

I would love to see a possibility of registering the hours that I work. Something like a clock to start when I begin work on a project and which I can stop when I'm finished (for that day).

I love your program!!!

# 6 designworx 08/03/2005

It would also be great to see some changes in the invoices. For example: Invoice-templates (Blinksale-style), PDF invoice and the possibility to bill services seperately.

# 7 designworx 08/03/2005

So maybe list Client Name + Business Name (if one exists...)?

I'll have to think about that clock idea... but yes, invoices will have to be made more attractive. If you're really hot for the blinksale invoices, though, I suggest you make an account at that site.

# 8 rmcox, Administrator 08/03/2005

I do like the lay-out of those invoices better, I do. But I find your program much better overall!

# 9 designworx 08/03/2005

Having an optional HTML email would be nice, with a simple table perhaps (I don't think CSS works that well with email). A clean looking PDF would be nice as well, especially if you could email it directly from Sidejob.

It would also be nice to have a little AJAXian todo list on the sidebar.

Also cool to be able to stick a Basecamp or other feed in the sidebar.

# 10 indica 08/04/2005

At present the "State" field only allows two characters. The state I live in is outside the US, and has more than two characters (NSW). Any chance you could remove that restriction?

# 11 tonyarnold 08/04/2005

I am so happy this is available!

I thought I would keep my suggestions short... yes, of course the invoices could look better, and printing to a PDF would be the shizzle, (though for most of us that's already a possibility right? - it just needs to be a bit better looking template to send to Acrobat (or your free PDF print driver)).

The one nagging thing I noticed right away was that I wanted to order my projects by their due date instead. Easy to add?

# 12 niftypants 08/05/2005

One thing I've noticed on signing up was the first address form during the sign up was very US centric - there was no country drop down, and 'zip code' always strikes as being orientated to the US. Does pose the interesting question what is an acceptably international option though, it's 'post code' in the UK but I have no idea of anywhere else.

Also a country drop down would be a great way to pick up the preferred currency prior to the settings page - i guess it might be in danger of being overly long or omitting a country though so perhaps a text input would be better?

Anyway, it all looks very slick so far. I hope I can provide some better suggestions once I've played around a bit more : )

# 13 monkeyish 08/05/2005

Tony, could you email (link available at the top right corner of the page) or leave a comment with an example Australian address?

Nifty, ordering projects by due date is now an option in your prefs.

Monkey, I was thinking of trying to pick country on the server side but still leaving the preferences if folks wanted to change anything.

# 14 rmcox, Administrator 08/05/2005

A few requests:

1. Ability to add "Project Quote" amount - For projects estimated on a fixed amount. This could be added under "Project Details".

2. New section "Project Tracking". This could allow user to add "Project Hours". User could add services and associated fees (just like you currently have under services tab) but would not be added into the total project fee. This could be used (internally) to track/view actual hours worked versus total estimated project fee.

3. Ability to add ala-cart materials (material name and price) without having it added to the fixed set. For ex. a project may include stock photography, but how many images and the total price varies so having only one fix item is limiting.

4. Ability to add "Project Notes". User can add multiple notes (time and/or date stamped). This would be great to track information from meetings, client approvals, change requests, etc.

5. Ability to add multiple due dates or "Milestones".

6. Ability to add list of To-Do's or Tasks

7. Add email noifications/reminders of when a due date is about to be reached.

Thanks for the work you've already put into this service!

# 15 creative 08/07/2005

Wow, Creative, lots of good suggestions!

# 16 rmcox, Administrator 08/07/2005

Your service rocks, and I am thankful to have found it.

I only have one nitpicky thing to discuss, and that is the use of the verticle red bar to indicate a form field is required. Every time I have started filling in information, this little red mark has fooled me into thinking the form field has focus, so I start typing and then realize nothing is happening.

Perhaps the classic asterisk next to the form field would improve usability?

# 17 willchatham 08/07/2005

There is an asterisk off to the right but it's tiny and white so it's difficult to see. I'll probably move away from that red line in the full release.

# 18 rmcox, Administrator 08/08/2005

Yeah, Having to do list with hour details can be great.

Actually I use tadalist from backpack to do this.

Thank's a lot Marie Cox for this services.

# 19 mike.freelancer 08/11/2005

Make a 'per day' service charge option.

Clearer grouping of things (anything).

Great look - enjoy using it!

# 20 fintan 08/12/2005

Yeah, I would probably suggest using tada list for todo's or marking services as completed or not and tracking those with that. I will add notes with maybe a flag to indicate what's been taken care of -- which is probably a task for most intents and purposes.

Per day is a good suggestion, will add that. Clearer grouping will come with the new design -- but for anyone who really loves the current look, that will remain available.

# 21 rmcox, Administrator 08/12/2005

Just signed up... so far, so good.

I'd like to touch up on the addition of clients. I have two contacts who are part of the same business company. Maybe something that'll accomodate those kinds of scenario were you have more than one contact per "client" (aka. company).

I'll probably have more in the near future. But again, so far so good--thanks for bringing such an app.

# 22 stechico 08/12/2005

Request #2...
Maybe a way to select which phone number is "primary" (cell or office or home)... the one that is bolded pretty much.

Request #3...
Import/export client details (i.e. via CSV maybe)

Request #4...
Maybe open a new browser window when clicking on a client's website. Might want to use the .JS trick w/ rel="" attribute for a-tag to keep page XHTML as noted on your project plan... at least thats the only way I know =)

# 23 stechico 08/12/2005

stechico, exporting is coming. Not sure it will be CSV, but that by far has been the most requested format. Will add #4 to the list, maybe #2, too.

# 24 rmcox, Administrator 08/14/2005

I definitely vote for more styled invoices. Even if it is minimal css and hotlinked images ...something.

# 25 tlynn555 08/15/2005

This is a godsend!!!!!! Thank you for reading my mind!!! :)

I will definitely be using this app for my invoicing.

The "usa-centric" aspect that one of the other posters mentionned is a good point.

For example, is there a way to incorporate 2 tax inputs (here in Quebec we need to put both the provincial and federal sales taxes on invoices) ? So that the invoice displays both taxes?

Other than that it is an awesome product! :)

Sadia :freelancer

# 26 sadia_sidejob 08/16/2005

There was a thing on CSS emails a ways back and perhaps will make its way into the full release.

In terms of multiple tax inputs, I'd have to see how often that was requested before implementing that. As you receive invoices you should notice that the reports have a fairly detailed tax breakdown for accounting purposes -- and that's just one example of the amount of impact a change like that would involve -- so, there would have to be a substantial number of requests.

# 27 rmcox, Administrator 08/17/2005

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