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Expect Side Job Track updates while I tinker with Pro Job Track this summer. If you're interested in the site, add your email to the notification list via the form provided on the PJT homepage.
Please take a moment to read the updated Terms of Service / Disclaimer / Privacy Policy (10/29/05). It now involves a lot more scary language about the fact that this service is provided "AS IS", has NO guarantee and that you should use this service AT YOUR OWN RISK.

If you haven't done so in a while, go ahead and export your data (goto your business page) and make a back up.

From my perspective this is pretty standard terms of service language, but I don't want to bury it behind a link and I think it's important everyone understands what you are agreeing to by using this site.
The 1st full release of Side Job Track is now officially available. New and existing members will be directed to the new version (aka: uno) via a redesigned homepage.

(If you really loved the previous version (0.9rc) that will remain available -- though unsupported -- at its existing location.)

Dubbed "uno", this release incorporates tons of new features including: official estimates, date formatting, cleaner interface, project notes, easier task tracking, advanced settings, per-project and annual project summaries, an improved launch pad (Jake!), XML data export, and probably the biggest and most exciting improvement ever: totally customizable estimates and invoices!

A few remaining tweaks to the homepage and application should be expected over the next few weeks but you shouldn't experience any disruption in services.

I hope you enjoy the new site!
The Side Blog was created to give Side Job Track members a forum to discuss all things Side Job. The blog replaces the old news page, but if you're really interested in accessing that, it's still available in all its former glory.

Welcome to the Side Blog!


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