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Some quick notes on recently loaded updates:

* Boatloads of Style Updates -- Be sure to refresh your browser.

* Updated Help Page -- The help page now has the support email form on the right side of the page for easier access.

* Print Invoice Line Breaks -- When you create a print invoice, now how you've entered your service/material description will be reflected exactly as you've typed it, including line breaks. (Thanks Mike!)

* Percent Invoiced Graph -- When you bill by percent, now you can see a bar graph that represents how much you've billed for that particular project. (Thanks Ben!)

* Export Bug Fixed -- There was a bug with the data export where the invoice's total wasn't showing up, this is now fixed. It is recommended that you export and save your data at this time.

* New Logo -- Dropped the "uno" from the logo. Be sure to refresh your browser if you don't see it.

* Service Due Date -- You can now set a due date per service. The amount of time until the service is due will show up on the projects tab and in the schedule, the due date or completed date will show up and include a link to the service.

* Service Completed Checkbox -- Will now automatically set the completed date to today's date if no date is present. Also, when you uncheck the completed box, it will unset the completed date.

* More Detailed Reports -- Now, your reports break down and subtotal by month. Also included in reports are any invoice increments to give you a more accurate idea of the amount of money you've invoiced and received. If you want to double check the new reports page against the old, a link to the old reports page is available under the reports tab.

Finally, if you notice anything odd about the new reports page, or any of the other updates mentioned, please use the administrator contact form on the help page to provide a detailed explanation on the errors you are encountering.
The updates I've been working on since the beginning of December are finally available for all to enjoy. These updates include a lot of what I consider baby steps that may be incorporated and extended into future updates but are available now to ensure the fundamental code works as planned.

Here's what's new:

- Project Discount. Now you can discount the cost of an entire project instead of lowering the cost of each service manually.

- Invoice increments by percent and/or amount. Now you can specify either a specific dollar amount for an invoice increment OR set the percent. There may be an issue with remainders on certain percents so the amount will override the percent if both an amount and percent are listed. Pay close attention when editing existing incremental invoices!

- Convert out-standing invoices to incremental invoices. If you send an invoice for the full project total and only receive partial payment, you can now convert the invoice into an incremental invoice when editing the original invoice.

- Service completed date. Now you can check off performed services and/or set a performed date. This really doesn't "do" anything now, but will probably used for something else later.

- Template logic. I added a couple new logic-specific codes for invoice templates. Hopefully I'll add more but for now just a couple have been added to see how it works out in the real world.

- New template codes. Various codes have been added for more detail over what's being billed. The old codes should still work if you have a custom template, but you might want to check out the new template logic and codes if you're interested in future customization possibilities.

- Download clients in XML. If you want to download client-only information you can do so on the clients tab. Look at the bottom of your list of clients for the link. If you need to download your SJT project data, that export remains available on your business details page.

- Client names on projects tab. Just below a project's notes on the main projects tab you will be able to see that project's clients.

- Tighter nuts and bolts: I. Going through and bug testing I came across a couple of interesting bugs. One being that for recurring invoices, if you didn't print or email the invoice, the actual invoice amount wouldn't get set. So, now when you create a recurring invoice, the invoice amount gets set to the project total at that time. If the bug already effected you -- and my guess is that about 80 invoices are vulnerable -- then you will be alerted where the invoice total is displayed and you will get an option to set the total to the amount shown and correct the issue.

- Tighter nuts and bolts: II. A project's tax rate is now locked after you invoice the project. If you want to change the tax for a project, you will have to start a new one. A project's discount will lock once the project completed date is set but if you have recurring invoices for a project, you will be able to set the discount per individual invoice.

Ok, as always please pay extra special attention to your invoices and projects and let me know if there are any problems.
Things they are a' change'n at the old Side Job Track.

A couple of small updates this weekend:

* New date formats dd-mm-yyyy and
* When viewing a client's invoices or projects there's a button to create a new project for that client if none exist
* The calendar doesn't have that unnecessary blue bar at the top any more

And one big update -- the addition that puts these updates into the major updates category: Shared. Custom. Templates!

Now, I'm going to depend upon your feedback to improve this service, but here's how it works for now:

Goto your advanced settings page and click on the Gallery link. There aren't any templates listed because there haven't been any submitted.

So, if you have a template that is:

+ Attractive
+ Generic enough for someone else to use (don't submit a template with your logo, for example)
+ Non-copyrighted
+ Available for public use

Submit it via the form on the gallery page and it might make it into the gallery. I'll review the templates submitted, create a duplicate copy to host on the SJT server and publish those I think work best for the site. You will get credit for your template and the satisfaction of knowing you're improving this site.

If your template doesn't make it to the gallery, fear not, I'll try to contact you with suggestions or comments.

I had a chance to push out some updates today:

* New Invoice Number Advanced Setting lets you set the invoice number you'd like your invoices to start from. Right now it will be blank by default, so if you want to take advantage of this, edit your advanced settings.

* Invoice Whenever You Need To creating an invoice is no longer limited to either billing by percents or only when the project is completed. Now you have the ability to invoice your never ending projects or reoccurring invoices.

* Edit services and materials in place when you're on a project, clicking the service or material name will make that editable (not via ajax though, sorry).

* Incomplete Services listed above completed services in the project edit view. This might suck more than it helps though, so if you really hate this, let me know.

* Added info on the Client Profile now you can see how much that client owes you as easily as you can see what the client has paid.

* Total of all out-standing invoices is listed on the main projects tab for easy reference.

* New yyyy-mm-dd date format is available through the basic settings.

As always -- and probably particularly in this case since there are so many updates -- please let me know if you notice any problems with the updates. Either in the comments of this thread or by sending me an email.
At long freak'n last: Invoicing. By. Percents! I tested it as much as I could stand and now that I'm cross-eyed, it's y'alls turn to double check everything for your respective perspectives.

I tried to make it as straightforward as possible without breaking the existing functionality. So, if you don't need to charge by percents, don't, and continue to invoice at the end of the project like normal.

For those who will need to invoice incrementally, notice the additional text at the bottom of both print and email invoices. There is room for improvement in terms of layout but that could be said before I added incremental invoicing.

So, please let me know if anyone spots anything fishy, wanky or otherwise peculiar in as specific terms as possible in the comments of this thread; or, feel free to use the email form and contact me that way.


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