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With the recent release of the oft requested Simple Timer, it's time to turn my attention to other feature requests that have popped up over the last month as well as gather feedback on anything else that should be added. This will likely be the last round of updates for a while as I want to turn my attention back to my homepage and other experiments I've wanted to perform.

To get things started, here's a list of what's been requested and is currently in consideration to be added:

* Invoice conversion: If you invoice for the total project cost, but only receive partial payment, there should be a way to easily convert that invoice into an invoice increment -- to keep track of the percent paid.

* Secondary Tax Preference: A way to charge a second tax on your invoice for countries like Canada.

* Show Client Name on Projects Tab: When displaying project summary, show the client name in that list.

* Clean up and Finish Custom Template Gallery: There have been some shared custom templates submitted, but I need to get a better admin process for that, as well as develop some language so folks understand not all codes may be present.

* Service Preformed Date: Add a date to note when a service was preformed. This would be an optional field.

* Less Rigid Invoice Increments: Allow new invoice increments to be created even if the last increment is still open. I'm not sure I want to add this, but it's a possibility.

Ok, that's my list, what's yours? (Keep in mind this will be the last round of updates for a while.)
I've had a series of great ideas for this site over the past two weeks and now that Side Job Track has over 1,000 user accounts created, I'm more excited than ever about improving this sucker. So... What would you like to see in Side Job Track?

Better looking invoices?
More detailed project management?
Cleaner interface?
Official estimates?

I don't want to give too much away but I'm guessing that you all have had similar ideas so lemme hear 'em!


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