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How Much Does Side Job Track Cost?

Side Job Track is a FREE service.

At some point there may be a Side Job Track pro service, or possibly text ads, but any aspect of the site launched without a fee will forever remain so.


Free usually means crappy.

Well, that's not a question, but to explain further: Side Job Track may be extended and a pro service could be created to fill some of the more labor intensive feature gaps. Side Job Track was created, in part, to 1.) See if a market exists for this type of service and 2.) To provide another test case for the ever-evolving artypapers framework; the core collection of classes that handles the majority of the site's functions. All Side Job Track members have easy access to request support, report bugs and even to request features.

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What is Side Job Track?

Side Job Track is an easy way to track and manage project-related information for small, single person jobs. Side Job Track allows you to store a set of default information for services and/or materials you commonly use performing your side-work. Simple entry screens give you the flexibility to be as vague or detailed as you desire and a reporting system gives you the information you need to expand your side-work.


Why would I use Side Job Track?

You would use Side Job Track to gather and leverage as much or as little side job related information that will allow you to learn more about your after-hours work. By assembling your jobs into projects with associated services, clients and/or materials you can better track what needs to be done for who, when. In addition, by using Side Job Track you will automatically organize the vision of your side work.


Who is Side Job Track Targeted Towards?

Side Job Track is targeted towards freelance artists, programmers, web developers, web designers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, server administrators, computer repair persons, and anyone who works full-time but also provides services casually for friends, family, or clients!


Can I assign employees to a Side Job Track account?

No, Side Job Track works best for small, single person side jobs and has no facility for adding employees or allowing multiple users to share an account. If you're looking for collaborative project management software, try Basecamp.


Can I use Side Job Track if I'm from outside the United States?

Side Job Track has preferences available that allow you to customize both the currency type and currency format as well as address layout. If your country's currency type and format or address format are not currently available, simply fill out a feature request when logged in to your Side Job Track account.


What's the deal with "This Site Optimized For The Mozilla Firefox Web Browser"? This isn't 1999, you know.

Side Job Track was built utilizing the latest technologies, including a web standards based design. Unfortunately, some browsers interpret those standards incorrectly. The Mozilla Firefox Web Browser is not only a superior web browser with an ever-increasing list of inventive, useful features; it also is a leader in terms of successfully rendering web sites created with web standards.

If you are using the latest version of your preferred browser, you shouldn't experience any problems with this site, but you will have the best experience if you use the Mozilla Firefox Web Browser.

If you're interested in learning more about web standards, visit the CSS Help Pile for tips & tricks, along with a host of additional information. For more information on how Side Job Track was built, see: "Building Side Job Track: Deconstructing A Standards-Based Web Application".


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